Lost in the outskirts of London, England. Children of all ages, get lost, and are scavenging for food. A bright path appears to those who need it most.

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1Traditions! Empty Traditions! on Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:58 am

Jayden Clarke

Jayden Clarke
Notice how the title says "Traditions" and not "Rules". This is for a reason. "Rules are meant to be broken, but Traditions are meant to be kept."

This site is rated PG, unless topic is labeled as PG-13. Here are our rules.
1.) Swearing is not okay, unless covered by a banner, or in a thread marked PG-13
2.) Violence is okay at times, but the situation has to be tense enough to do so.
3.) A fifty minimum word count and three sentences is required for long role-plays, and there is no length requirement for short role-plays.
4.) If you go out of character in any role-play threads, please indicate so by doing double parentheses. These don't need to be five words, unless you only have an OOC post in the role playing portion of the site. Example: -insert post of at least fifty words here- ((Sorry I'm late...DX ))
5.) A five word minimum OOC post.
6.) No text words in a role-play. Examples: lol, wtf, jk... Unless used by your character
7.) NO SPAM!
8.) All posts are watched by Mods, and Admins, we can lock, or delete posts. If you spam up your thread, just PM one of us, and we can clear it out for you.
9.) No puppet-mastering. Simply meaning, you can't control another character.
10.) Please refrain from using First Person in your posts, because if we have a lot of people in a thread saying I, me, my... no one knows who you are talking about. This rule applies unless you are in the short RP area.
11.) No verbal abuse.
12.) Don't Mod,we appreciate that you are trying to help, but we have people for that job.
13.) Please don't use emoticons, or smilies in your post, unless in an OOC.
14.) Obey the Admins, and Mods, because we do have the power to block, or delete you from this site.
15.) No double posting unless you really have to. If you do have to, mark your post as "Double Posting" or "STFDP"
16.) No personal information in the chatbox, or in ooc. (Real name, Adress, Phone Number ect.)
17.) Make a character sheet and wait for it to be accepted before you start RPing.
18.) If you want to reserve a thread for somone, put thier name in parenthesis. (example: Walking for no reason. (Alex))
19.) Respect all other members in OOC, hatred is allowed in RP, but only if nessesary
20.) Follow these rules, because the Mods, and Admins are watching you!!!!

Anything else will be posted by other admins or mods.

WARNINGS: If you have one warning, you are okay. If you get two warnings, you get a PM ban, and on the third warning you are banned from the site for 90 days. Any more warnings and you get an automatic deletion of your account, and/or IP address.

Traditions! Jayden_zpsa33f8f37

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